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Curbside recycling is collected on a bi-weekly schedule  

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Notice:  The recycle truck has an automatic arm to lift the carts {see image of truck}. For this reason, glass MUST be recycled in a different container from other recyclables.This means you will have two (2) containers at your curb: one large rollout recycle cart AND one small glass container.



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The large rollout recycle cart were distributed by Public Works Department. All approved items but glass can be co-mingled in this rollout cart. 

***DO NOT BAG RECYCLABLE ITEMS WITHIN YOUR LARGE ROLLOUT RECYCLE CART. PLEASE THROW IT IN YOUR ROLLOUT CART ALL TOGETHER. If you bag your recyclable items, it will not be picked up until un-bagged. The Town's vendor has started enforcing this rule immediately.***

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This means you will have two (2) containers at your curb: one large recycle cart AND one small glass container. 
Recycling items should follow G.S.130-309.10 and all recyclables need to be clean, free of food and debris and all lids removed.

  • One Large 65 gal. Blue Recycling Cart - Provided by the town to all citizens.  

Items are to be placed recycling cart without bagging or separating items within this carttwo recycle bins         

checkmark no background Paper - Newspaper, magazines, mixed paper, white paper, junk mail, etc.   

checkmark no background Pasteboard Boxes - cracker or cereal boxes - break down flat and place in cart. 

checkmark no background Plastic Bottles and Jugs - anything with a neck smaller than bottle and has a lid - rinsed & NO lids

checkmark no background Aluminum Cans, foil, or aluminum pans - rinsed  / clean only

checkmark Metal or Tin Food Cans - rinsed 

checkmark no background Electronics - click here- by appointment only or dropped off at Public Works

checkmark no background Cardboard boxes - break down flat and place beside or under the cart.  

  • One Small Glass Recycling Container - Must be purchased by citizens.

You may purchase one from the town for $15.00 at Wilkesboro Town Hall OR a container with or without a lid may be purchased from a retailer of your choosing BUT it must be marked glass recycling.

checkmark no background Glass Bottles & Jars - clear, green and brown bottles or jars from food or beverages - rinsed  / clean only and lids removed.divider recycling logo


Place in regular trash or find alternate recycling means:

x-mark-red  Yogurt cups
x-mark-red  Plastic bottle lids  
x-mark-red  Cork bottle tops          
x-mark-red  Margarine containers       
x-mark-red  Frozen foods trays  
x-mark-red  Six pack rings           
x-mark-red  Plastic wrap                      
x-mark-red  Styrofoam   
x-mark-red  Plastic bags              
x-mark-red  Wax coated boxes 
x-mark-red   Bubble wrap             
x-mark-red   Packaging styrofoam peanuts 
x-mark-red  Rechargeable batteries & cellphones 
(website to recycle batteries & cellphones
x-mark-red   Car battery(website to recycle car batteries
x-mark-red  Plastic shopping/store bags  (website to recycle bags) 
x-mark-red  Hard plastic packaging
x-mark-red  Juice boxes
x-mark-red  Milk/OJ cartons
x-mark-red  Wax paper
x-mark-red  Fast food/burger wrappers
x-mark-red  Used paper plates,paper towels/napkins 

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  • Yard waste CANNOT be placed in any recycling cart or containers.

  • Cart users are responsible for keeping the large rollout recycling cart(s) clean and in good repair. This helps to keep the price of your sanitation bill lower.

  • Recycling cart(s) and glass recycling container(s) may be placed curbside after 7:00 pm the night before and must be removed by 7:00 pm on the day of pickup.

  • The town is under no obligation to treat unmarked glass recycling containers/carts, unapproved recycling items or bagged recycling in your large rollout recycling cart(s) as recycling. It will be picked with regular trash. The citizen will get a violation notice on their recycle cart for non-compliance.