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The primary function of the office is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public. This office is designed to provide Wilkesboro’s business, industries, churches and the public with basic information about fire prevention, education and fire code prevention. The staff conducts fire inspections on all commercial and some residential occupancies. Also, the staff issues required permits and conducts plans review for new construction.

Wilkesboro Fire Inspector’s office is a division of Town of Wilkesboro Fire Department. All Inspectors are certified through:
 - NC Dept. of Insurance  
NC Code Officials Qualification Board.

A Town of Wilkesboro Fire Inspector will respond to any complaint made to our office. Most inspections of occupancies will be provided on the following schedule:

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Fire Inspections Chart

Frequency                     Type
Once every 6 mo            Schools Public & Private

Once every year             Hazardous Industrial High Rise Assembly

Once every 2 yrs            Educational

Once every 3 yrs            Business - Mercantile Storage Churches Synagogues

Frequency rates for inspections of occupancies as mandated by the NC General Statutes superseded this schedule. however, it is the discretion of the Fire Inspector to inspect more frequently as needed. 

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