A building permit is required for a ground sign with an area over 15 square feet and/or any sign with an electrical connection. All sign permit applications must be completely filled out, contain supporting paperwork and be signed prior to Town review. Required information for drawings is listed below. Please review Section 5.7 in the Town of Wilkesboro Zoning Ordinance before submitting a sign drawing. 

Required Information for Signage Permit Application - please verify the following information has been included on an attached drawing:

  • Location of sign on the propertysign-dimensions
  • All sign dimensions: length, width, and height
  • All graphics, colors, and fonts
  • Length of street frontage
  • Sign is located out of public right of way
  • Freestanding signs have no more than two sides
  • Height above the ground
  • Verify that there is remaining allowable sign area at the proposed location


pdf-icon Sign Permit Application   

Please request an appointment with our Planning Department and bring any documents with you to the appointment.