Responsibilities of this department include current and long range planning activities, commercial and residential permitting services, historic preservation, main street management, GIS implementation and maintenance, coordination and oversight of community development and code enforcement activities. 

The Director of Planning and Community Development for the Town of Wilkesboro carries out the following functions: 

  • Serves as the Zoning, Subdivision, Flood Hazard, and Watershed Administrator for the Town and its planning jurisdiction (ETJ).     
  • Assists the Planning Board in development and implementation of long-range and current plans. 
  • Works with outside agencies to prepare and maintain long-range and current plans.
  • Technical Review Coordinator for all large projects and subdivisions.
  • Staff liaison to the Town Council, Planning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Tree Board and Historic Downtown Main Street Committee.
  • Implements and administers the various zoning and land-use related ordinances and regulations of the Town, including permitting, plan review, and code enforcement. 
  • Assists outside organizations in administering Town ordinances and regulations.
  • Receives and responds to citizen complaints involving zoning and land-use issues. 
  • Fulfills informational requests from the Town Manager, Town Board, Planning Board and other departments.
  • Maintains mapping services for the town.

Some communities grow and change in a positive matter, while others do not; special places don't happen by accident! Great communities require planning, future orientation and directed change. The Town of Wilkesboro Planning and Community Development Department strives to evaluate, inventory and manage community assets to create a shared vision for the Town's future.