The Mayor and the four Town Council Members of Wilkesboro identify community needs and commit Town resources to meet those needs within the limits of federal and state law.  Each member serves a term of 4 years with elections taking place every two years to maintain continuity.

Specific duties include:

    • adopt a balanced annual budget
    • set the annual tax rate
    • set all user fees known as the Schedule of Fees
    • enact local ordinances for the welfare of the town
    • establish policies and programs for the effective delivery of town services
    • listen to the community issues
    • oversee long range plans for the community in areas such community development projects, land use and town facilities
    • oversight of capital and grants funds and projects
    • make appointments to town advisory boards and committees
    • perform numerous ceremonial duties such as recognition of town employees and departments, board members, or officials, ribbon cuttings, proclamations, etc
    • serve as liaisons to many organizations, including town government groups and organizations outside town government
    • hire attorney, town administrator and town clerk

Beyond specific duties, the Mayor appoints specific areas of focus to each Council Member annually. These areas are generally tied to either departments or areas of focus. These appointments allow for a deeper knowledge base for Council Members as issues arise.

The Town Council meetings are open to the public and are on the first Monday of each month, unless it needs to be changed. A schedule of meetings can be found by clicking here. All NC council meetings are governed by the Sunshine or Open Meeting Laws. These laws legislate by which methods public meetings are conducted and Article 33C, statutes 143‑318.9-18 of the North Carolina code define the law.

North Carolina mayors do not have veto power over council actions. The mayor may or may not vote on matters before the council, again depending on the Town's charter. Our charter states the Wilkesboro Mayor can only vote to break a tie vote between the other four Town Council Members.