Mileage-Based User Fee Pilot Program

Wednesday, 27 July 2022 15:53

MBUF Pilot Social Graphic 2 NC

The Eastern Transportation Collation (Coalition), a partnership of 17 states and Washington D.C. that is focused on making transportation better, safer, and more reliable, needs your help to explore an alternative approach to the traditional fuel tax called a Mileage-Based User Fee. A Mileage-Based User Fee means drivers only pay for the miles they travel, rather than the amount of fuel they use. 

To better understand how an MBUF program could work, the Coalition is conducting a Pilot Program in North Carolina and they want you to join and tell them what you think! It is free to participate, and there are strict privacy protection measures to safeguard your data. Here’s how to join the Pilot in four easy steps:

  1. Enroll - Fill out the enrollment form by clicking the link on the website.
  2. Insert - Plug a small device into your vehicle to record mileage.
  3. Drive - Then drive as you normally do.
  4. Return - After a few months, mail back the device.

These steps may vary depending on the mileage-reporting option selected. 

To learn more, watch this video  Make your voice heard! Visit to learn more and enroll. Participants who qualify can receive up to $50. Have questions? Contact a Pilot team member at 984-254-7400 or


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